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Guano Phosphate Sulphur

Guano Phosphate Sulphur

NZ$580.00 / tonne
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Guano phosphate is one of the finest natural phosphate fertilisers available and can be used in all types of farming. Guano phosphate is a naturally mined phosphate derived from the nutrient-rich deposits from sea birds. Unlike water soluble phosphates, Guano is citric soluble releasing phosphate evenly better matching plant requirements. Being granulated (2 - 6mm) it aids in accurate placement, drilling and aerial application.

Guano Phosphate Sulphur in addition to the above benefits also contains 9% elemental sulphur. sulphur after nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium is an essential plant nutrient.

Suggested Applications
Suitable for pasture, cropping, horticulture, aerial & ground application.

1,250kg bulk bags

Application Rates
Application rates will depend on soil test results but can be applied between 100 - 250kg per hectare.

Guano Phosphate Sulphur is available nationwide imported to order in full container loads packed in 1250kg bags.

To work out your price simply select your preferred port, tonnes and month required. Click place order and it will take you to our check out page, should you wish to purchase simply register and check out. No payment is made until after you have uplifted your order. We will confirm your order via email and keep you informed as to when you can expect arrival so that you have plenty of time to organize collection. If you don't have a preferred carrier then we can help you with transport options.

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